We are a Group of Students who have developed this site. We have not made this portal for making money, but to make Maninagar area of Ahmedabad internet savvy.

Today's new technology has made possible for traditional visual media to come close to the electronic visual media. You are well aware that information technology is the need of the hour. The whole world is running behind it and within three years this business is expected to touch unbelievable heights.

As a part of this and as a resident and business owner of Maninagar Area a site called " " is the largest and the best info portal of Maninagar. Providing all basic information of commercial establishments and public service org. spread all over Maninagar for promotions of the business and availing basic service.

We are using the e-CRM technology on this portal

What is e-CRM ?

e-CRM is Electronic Customer Relationship Management.

The internet has not only opened a new channel of interaction, but it has also changed customer expectations. Customers are beginning to demand 20 X 7 X 365 ( 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year ) access to products and services, and a personalized experience. The internet has changed the dynamics and economics of the way.

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